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Small cap stock selection is a bit different from your average stock pick on the NYSE. These are much smaller stocks in size and price, but the amount of information available about them can also be scarce.

At The Stock Detective, perform due diligence on small cap stocks that many firms would simply overlook—they're only interested in the big brand names that make clients feel "safe." But the reality is that, particularly in recessionary times, small cap stocks beat T-bills, bonds and the S&P by a wide margin! Would you rather have a blue chip with 4% dividends, or something like our most recent pick—LEXG—which went up almost 1000% ?

Not every pick we discover will go up, and we highly recommend doing your own due diligence. But as our readers will attest, our regular stock alerts, market insights, and exclusive special reports are a good place to start.

Jackson W., Dallas: "To the analyst team, I offer my sincere thanks. I don't know how you guys do it, but I'm glad you do!"

Nick K., New Orleans: "The Stock Detective's LEXG pick was unbelievable. It just kept going up! Best trade of the year."

Chris A., New Orleans: "I didn't even know what a two-bagger was before The Stock Detective. Now I'm looking for my first THREE-BAGGER!"

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  • LEXG +968%

  • JAMN +693%

  • EMIS +536%

  • VG +426%

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